Sunday, May 2, 2010

Beyond Ipanema [Hot Docs review]

87 min ~ Brazil & USA
Director: Guto Barra ~ Producers: Guto Barra, Béco Dranoff

Rating (out of 4 stars):
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This is a stylish, well-researched history of modern Brazilian music, starting with thirties Hollywood star, Carmen Miranda, and running up to the trip hop present. Interviews of David Byrne, M.I.A., Devendra Banhardt, Gilberto Gil, Tom Zé, and Os Mutantes tell the story of these infectious rhythms and catchy melodies that eventually won over North American ears. Of course bossa nova godfather, João Gilberto, his wife Astrud and their child, Bebel, are given their due (The Girl From Ipanema being the most famous Brazilian song ever), but also the Tropicália movement which arose out of the rebellious sixties. It's surprising to hear of the roles of Japanese musicians and DJs who both propelled Brazillian music beyond its tropical shores. A must-see.

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